Company information  

TraceOne Oy designs and implements information systems and products which are flexible and adaptable to different customer requirements and requirement changes.

The way of action of the company is to understand processes of our customers so that we can improve upon our ability to respond to customer requirements and therefore to service different customers.

It is also important for TraceOne that the systems will bring more value for our customer's services, processes, products and their quality.

Employees of company have extensive experience of various information systems made for industry such as:

  • Data Acquisition
• System Integration
• Traceability
• Laboratory Management
• Automated Information Systems

Software development methodogies in TraceOne are based on agile processes. This enables TraceOne to benefit from flexibility, cost awareness and regular product delivery.

Software and system development in TraceOne is based on "product components". These components are continuously integrated as small configurable products. This offers a great opportunity for all of our current and new customers to utilize new features and improvements.
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