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TraceOne LIMS is an automated information system for soil and environment analysing.

The use of LIMS system have proven to:

  Increase productivity because it decreases the total time used in the sample analysing
  Improve reliability and traceability of the samples
  Improve quality of process continuously analysing quality control samples

The LIMS system is interaction of different analysers and automation devices such as automatic sample filtering and pH measurement device. The system consists of the following key parts:

  Order Processing
  Rule based sample portioning
  Soil and Environment Analysing
  Quality management
  Calculating analysis results based on sub analysis and defined formulas
  Interface to the Financial Administration System

TraceOne is maintaining and further developing the LIMS system continuously based on the customer needs and requirements.

One principle of TraceOne is to be always ready for new thoughts and ideas in system development. The LIMS system is also easy to configure in different laboratory environments and processes.

It is always possible to arrange a visit to see the system in action on Viljavuuspalvelu which is the leading laboratory in the market. In Viljavuuspalvelu LIMS system has been successfully used during the long time period having a significant results in helping farmers to optimize their use of fertilizers and feed.

Let us hear your requirements for LIMS and let's see together how TraceOne LIMS will adapt to your requirements.

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