Datakuu Oy Oulu, Finland
Datakuu Oy is a software company. They develop own software products, build custom software for customers and sell and support software products of our and their partners.


Ins.Toimisto E.Pesola Muhos, Finland
Pesola has long and strong experiences of automation designing and logic programming. The agreement will provide seamless implementation between information systems and automation devices.

  Mionex Oy Kemi, Finland
TraceOne is in co-operation with Mionex Oy which is a specialist in the area of machine vision based solutions. The collaboration makes it possible to develop new innovations and information systems using a great opportunities of machine vision technology.

  MT-Suunnittelu Oy, Kemi, Finland
TraceOne is responsible for co-operation with MT-Suunnittelu Oy which has extensive experience in building of process automation and control solutions for industrial production lines. The collaboration enables efficient and rapid constructions of hardware and software based automated information systems.


With these partners TraceOne is able to provide new innovative solutions for all areas from automation hardware design to automated process control- and enterprise wide information systems based on customer needs.
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