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Tyre Retreading system (TrT)  

Tyre reTreading is a system made for tyre retreading dealers. The system is developed for the special needs of the Bandag Strategic Alliance dealers but it is easy to adapt also to the other retreating processes.

Retreading system will provide improved:

  Customer services, because of the better knowledge of the tyre condition
  Traceability and management of the tyre lifecycle
  Capability for inventory management and optimization
  Reporting for Financial Administration Systems

The Tyre reTreading system consists of the following key parts:

  Maintaining of the customer and tyre information
  Order Processing
  Inventory Management
  Working Cards
  Tracing Tyre retreading lifecycle
  Reasons for tyre scrapping

Please, contact us and we will update and further develop our retreading system based on your special needs.
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