Set of values  

The system production of TraceOne is based on the following values:

Customer centered: The strategy of the TraceOne is to make customer specific changes of the products so that they will meet the requirements of our customers.

Customers are always important partners for TraceOne software engineers and management. Together, it is possible to learn and evolve from each other developing mutual products, that yield a great advantage for both parties.

Professional: TraceOne improves products, platforms and processes continuously, while at the same time increasing the technical knowledge of the customer specific domains and environments. Therefore, professionalism comes from professional actions.

Sincerity: One principle in Traceone is to continuously collaborate with customers interactively. Therefore, it is possible to help the customers to improve their processes and systems.

Commitment: For TraceOne every customer is important independent of the size of the business. The goal of the TraceOne is to build long lasting relationships and look far into the future with our customers.

Innovation: TraceOne is trustworthy partner with whom customers can always identify new ideas, innovative solutions and successful implementations.

Co-operation: TraceOne has a supportive co-operation network for covering the special technology areas. For example, TraceOne has an agreement with Mionex concerning machine-vision technology and Insinööritoimisto Pesola for logic programming.

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